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Rasool Shop has been operating in Singapore for over 50 years. The Company's principal activity is mini-marts, convenience stores, and provision shops with the wholesale trade of a variety of goods. They have a variety of traditional home-ground Indi...

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Cumin Powder 100g Rasool

S$ 1.50

Dosai/Idli Podi 100g Rasool

S$ 2.50

Cardamon Powder 25gm Rasool

S$ 4.70

Ponni Rice 500g Rasool

S$ 2.00

36 %
Turmeric powder 250g Rasool

S$ 3.00

Sambar Masala 500g Rasool

S$ 6.80

16 %
Rasam Powder 100g Rasool

S$ 1.80

Cinnamon Powder 50g Rasool

S$ 1.50

Turmeric Powder 500g Rasool

S$ 5.50

Turmeric Powder 100g Rasool

S$ 1.50

Chilly Powder 100g Rasool

S$ 1.30

Chilli Powder 500g Rasool

S$ 5.50

Fennel Powder 100g Rasool

S$ 1.60

Garam Masala 500g Rasool

S$ 10.50

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Dei is an online portal that fulfills the daily needs of the Asian community in Singapore. We focus on sourcing for specialty products for the local community. A one-stop shopping portal to fulfil your daily essentials, we go the distance to ensure unparalleled customer service and convenience for our customers.

Hosting over 10,000 products and the widest range and variety of Indian goods, we are constantly increasing our product range to ensure everyone gets their shopping done from any store and have it delivered at a go straight to your homes at one delivery charge.