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Gingelly oil is another name for sesame oil. It's also known as til oil. It's commonly used in cooking, just like vegetable oil and olive oil. Practitioners of both Western medicine and the Indian system of Ayurveda recognize significant health benefits in gingelly oil. You may find it worth your while to use it for all your edible oil needs -- and all your skin care needs as well. Use caution, however, if you suffer from peanut allergies or other nut allergies, as you may experience similar allergic reactions to sesame seeds.

Health Benefits:

Lowers Blood Pressure: Substituting gingelly oil in place of other vegetable oils can help to lower your blood pressure.

Promotes Healthy Skin: Dr. Savitha Suri recommends massaging your body once weekly with gingelly oil to protect your skin from drying out. He additionally suggests regularly massaging your feet with warm gingelly oil to prevent the skin there from fissuring.

Lowers Cholesterol: According to George Mateljan, author of "The World's Healthiest Foods," sesame seeds contain sesamin and sesamolin, two types of "lignans" or beneficial fibers that can lower your cholesterol.


When used as a prayer oil, Gingely oil/Sesame oil removes unforeseen dangers, Inauspicious events.

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